Saturday, November 5, 2011

Learn from Corax: Why is today bank transfer day?

One of my favorite people, Corax, has a quality essay explaining the history of Guy Fawkes day. This is highly educational and I encourage you to take a look and use it to help any occupiers you may know craft a strategy or goal-they could use one.

A little background on Corax:
I have long wondered this-and someone should just ask him-but where is Corax from? Is he Syrian or Lebanese? Nassim Taleb described the town were Steve Jobs father is from thusly-and I think that it would surprise no one, if Corax's forefathers hail from there as well.

A big historical quandary: the town of Emesa (today Homs in the Northern Levant), where Steve Jobs has his ancestry generated at least 4 Roman Emperors (Elagabalus, Caracalla's (his mother mother Julia Domna), Geta, Severus Alexander), Catholic popes (Anicetus), many many Greek philosophers... The more I dig the more I find...

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